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Stricter limitation of corporate tax deductions in assessment year 2024

Following the corporate tax reform of 2017, the application of certain corporate tax deductions is limited to 1.000.000 EUR, increased with 70% of the remaining taxable result exceeding 1.000.000 EUR (system of the “korf/corbeille”). The tax deductions concerned are the notional interest deduction of the year, the dividends-received deduction carry-forward, the innovation income deduction carry-forward, the deduction of the loss carry-forward and the notional interest deduction carry-forward, in that order.

New legislation Copyright regime: Be prepared?!

As extensively reported in the media the last couple of weeks, there is new tax legislation upcoming regarding the Belgian copyright regime. This regime has been quite extensively applied the last couple of years resulting in substantially lower tax rates for individuals earning copyright income. But after a lot of debate and with the law being voted in parliament this week, what’s in the scope of this new law, who is in, who is out and how can you prepare your company for the impact?

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