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Due date corporate tax return: extension until 29 October 2020.

The Minister of Finance has decided to grant an extension of the due date for filing the corporate tax return from 24 September until 29 October 2020. The reason is that Biztax, the platform of the tax authorities for filing the corporate tax return, has opened only now because of the different corona measures which required many technical changes to the platform.

The extension of the due date also applies to the legal entities tax returns and to the non-resident corporate tax returns. Tax returns to be filed between 24 September and 29 October 2020 can also benefit from the extension.

It is important to note that tax returns which give rise to a reimbursement of taxes and which have been filed no later than 1 October 2020 will be treated with priority in order to support the liquidity and solvability of those taxpayers. As already discussed in our previous tax flash, the loss carry-back has been introduced with the same purpose. Tax payers that want to apply the loss carry-back are advised to file their tax return before October 1st to benefit from this fast refund. 

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Jos Goubert

Tax Knowledge Dept.

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