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E-commerce (Legal part)

Webshop Scan - Is my webshop in line with the legal requirements?

In the last couple of years, European and Belgian legislators have introduced quite a number of regulations, adding a layer of legal and financial complexity, which could affect your webshop and the functioning thereof.

The e-commerce scan includes a screening of legal and fiscal documents as well as a screening of the digital strategy, customer experience and procedures you use in your business. To this end, we look at your general terms and conditions, your privacy policy and the whole ordering process. We also check to what extent your webshop complies with the current legislation in general, as well as in the fields of invoicing processes and VAT. In addition, we keep a close eye/watch on pending legislation and regulatory trends that could affect your webshop.

Our e-commerce scan allows us to analyze your webshop (doing business in a B2B and/or B2C environment) from, amongst others, a legal, fiscal and security perspective, making the necessary adjustments to enhance it.

Our e-commerce scan will provide you an answer on the following questions your organization might have: •Are we correctly processing the privacy legislation and the personal data we receive through our website?

  • Are our general terms and conditions effective in an online context and can they be enforced?
  • Can consumers/professionals from other countries also purchase from or through our webshop?
  • Do we apply the right of withdrawal for online sales correctly?
  • Do we comply with legislation in the area of online advertising and the use of cookies?
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