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Transfer Pricing Scan

Following recent BEPS developments, a new transfer pricing legislation was introduced in Belgium. It imposes reporting obligatory transfer pricing filing requirements for the Belgian companies satisfying specific criteria with the 1st reporting period being 2016.

What will be the impact of the new transfer pricing legislation on your business?

Take now the 'Transfer pricing quick scan' giving you a first insight to ensure that you are fully prepared for the future!

It will enable you to self-assess:

  • Whether Belgian transfer pricing legislation applies to your business
  • Your level of exposure to potential transfer pricing risks, such as:
  • The risk of falling foul of the arm’s length principle
  • The risk of insufficient governance over your prices


What may you expect as an outcome:

Our transfer pricing tool helps you identify your exposure to these risks by:

  • Evaluating your business profile in the context of transfer pricing
  • Highlighting the areas of your business most likely to interest the tax authorities
  • Clarifying your compliance with transfer pricing governance processes and policies



Make the scan