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Detecting your strengths and weaknesses while trading internationally
Detecting your strengths and weaknesses while trading internationally

Doing things right the first time isn't always easy. Even for experienced companies, business as usual doesn't mean it is risk proof. E.g. when exporting goods out of Belgium into another country, there are many things to take into consideration: contracts, transport, insurances, etc.

The whole regulatory environment that applies to international trade, is highly complex and can vary from one country to another. It is, therefore, not always clear how to interpret and comply with all the operational rules challenges that apply in the field of customs, taxes, licenses, insurances and transport contracts, etc. that can make it difficult to maintain a constant, reliable revenue.

Thus it is vital that Belgian companies operating in this field take into account the associated risks in advance and estimate whether they have the necessary expertise in house to counter these risks.
The intention of the Xportscan is to provide you with a detailed overview of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to international trade, and provide insights and share leading practices to help you improve your current processes.


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